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Psychological Testing

What To Expect

Think of psychological testing like a doctor’s check-up but for your mind. Just like a doctor uses tests to find out what’s going on with your body, psychologists use these tests to understand what’s happening in your mind. These tests can help figure out things like why you might be feeling sad all the time, why it’s hard to concentrate, or why school or work feels so challenging. They’re not like your typical school tests with right or wrong answers. Instead, they ask questions or have you do tasks to see how you think and feel.

When you go for psychological testing, you might fill out questionnaires, answer questions, or do some specific tasks. The psychologist chooses these tests based on what they need to find out about you. For example, if you’re having trouble at school, they might give you tests to see if you have a learning disability. Or if you’re feeling very anxious, they might have tests to understand your anxiety better. It’s a bit like solving a mystery – the tests give clues to help the psychologist understand you better.

Going for psychological testing can feel a bit scary or strange, but it’s really just a way to help you. You don’t need to study or prepare for these tests. The best thing you can do is just be yourself and answer honestly. There’s no passing or failing. The goal is to get a clear picture of your mental health so the psychologist can help you in the best way possible. AT LPG, we’re all about ensuring you get the right kind of help to feel better or deal with the challenges you’re facing.

Psychological Assessments

We provide

  1. Psychological Testing for Adults

    Adult psychological testing provides essential understanding of cognitive health, including memory impairment, aiding in personalized care and treatment.

  2. Psychological Testing for Teens

    Psychological testing for teens offers crucial insights into ADHD, learning styles, and emotional well-being, guiding them towards effective strategies for success.

  3. Psychological Testing for Children

    Psychological testing for children is a journey of discovery, helping to unveil their unique strengths and challenges for tailored support and growth.

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