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Psychological Testing
for Teens

Assessments for Teens

What To Expect

At LPG, we specialize in psychological testing for teens, focusing on issues like ADHD, executive functioning problems, non-verbal learning disorders, and visual-motor processing deficits. Being a teenager can be tough, and we’re here to help make sense of these challenges.

Our Teen Assessment Process

  1. Understanding Each Teen: We start by getting to know them – their interests, struggles, and experiences. This conversation helps us tailor our approach to their unique needs.
  2. Engaging Assessments: Our tests for teens are more like interactive activities. They help us understand how they process information, stay focused, and handle complex tasks. It’s not about getting a high score; it’s about discovering how they learn and think.
  3. Identifying Strengths and Challenges: We look at areas like attention, problem-solving, and social skills. This helps us identify specific challenges, such as ADHD or learning difficulties and highlights their strengths.

Why It’s Important

This testing is key in helping teens understand themselves better and helping us create support plans that work. Whether it’s finding strategies to manage ADHD, improving learning methods, or building social skills, our goal is to empower teens to overcome their challenges and thrive.

Our Commitment

We provide a safe, understanding environment for teens to explore and understand their mental processes. Our team is dedicated to guiding them through this journey with empathy and expertise, ensuring they feel supported every step of the way.

Psychological Assessments

We also provide

  1. Psychological Testing for Adults

    Adult psychological testing provides essential understanding of cognitive health, including memory impairment, aiding in personalized care and treatment.

  2. Psychological Testing for Children

    Psychological testing for children is a journey of discovery, helping to unveil their unique strengths and challenges for tailored support and growth.

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