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Psychological Testing
for Children

Assessments for Children

What To Expect

At LPG, we focus on psychological testing for children to help them overcome learning, behavioral, and emotional challenges. We know how important it is to understand these issues early on, and we’re here to help guide children and their families.

Our Child Assessment Process

  1. Friendly and Fun Approach: We start by creating a comfortable and playful environment for the child. Our tests are designed to be engaging and child-friendly, making the process feel more like playtime than a clinical assessment.
  2. Tailored Assessments: Through various activities and simple tasks, we assess how the child learns, remembers, and interacts. This isn’t about passing or failing; it’s about understanding their unique way of thinking and behaving.
  3. Holistic Understanding: We look at all child development aspects – cognitive, emotional, and social. This helps us identify areas where they might need extra support, whether at school or at home.

Why It’s Important

Early understanding of a child’s challenges can make a big difference in their growth and development. Our testing helps pinpoint specific needs, from learning difficulties to social skills, providing a roadmap for effective support and intervention.

Our Promise to Families

We’re committed to supporting children in a nurturing and understanding way. Our team works closely with families, providing insights and recommendations that are practical and helpful, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Psychological Assessments

We also provide

  1. Psychological Testing for Adults

    Adult psychological testing provides essential understanding of cognitive health, including memory impairment, aiding in personalized care and treatment.

  2. Psychological Testing for Teens

    Psychological testing for teens offers crucial insights into ADHD, learning styles, and emotional well-being, guiding them towards effective strategies for success.

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